The Best Way to Find the Greatest Monitor

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It is really hard to find the best computer monitor nowdays, because a lot of manufacturer made a lot type of monitor. Most buyers not familiar with the technical details, and do not want to learn all of that – but I find a better way to pick the best one.

I’ll be honest – I wouldnt write about this If I not recently buy a IPS monitor – which is better than any monitor what I see during operation.

My monitor made by the NEC – which is a famous and really reliable manufacturer – but unfortunately not the cheapest company. But… it worth every peny for me.

Soo, I picked up the NEC MultiSync PA272W which is a 27” monitor and their max resulation is 2560×1440. I think this will be my monitor for years..


This a little bit expensive because I buy it for more than 1000 bucks, but I personally recommend.

I read all the reviews from every monitor – but honestly it was really hard to choose the best one.

During the search I find a really great website which was a great help for me and I think it will be good for you also If you want to buy a new monitor.

A lot of review site promote those monitors which are really expensive (because of the commisons..) – but this is different. The authors want to help (ofcourse those links also aff links – but this doesnt matter if the reviews are good ) to pick the best displays!

So if you want to buy the best ips display click to the link!

I hope this will be a great resource for you, and will be a huge help when you choose the right one!

This video shows what I buy:

Here is the wikipedia article for geeks:

(if you want to know every tiny-miny details)

The real battle: Mac Vs. Pc

A lot of users thinkin’ when he or she need to buy a new computer: Windows computer or Mac?

This is a really good question, but it really hard to decide.


We examine this topic aboput five key aspect:

  • Hardware
  • Value
  • Games
  • Software


A lot of user think the hardwares of Mac’s it is so much better than PC’s. But honestly – nowdays Apple use Intel i5 and i7 processors – which is also used by the major pc and laptop manufacturers and you can buy it a normal computer shop much cheaper.

Of course Apple pay close attention to the hardware – but many pc manufacturers are also really good..



This is the most intresting aspect.. I think the products of Apple really overpriced. OK, they look really good and have really good performance but.. IT IS REALLY EXPENSIVE compared to similar pc’s.

But Apple can sell this products.


If you use your computer to play games.. You dont even question the PC is the best choice. Of course Mac’s also have a lot of games, but most of the games run in PC.


Yes, most of the Softwares also exist in Mac. But just most, not all of that. So again a minus pont for Mac!



Yes, I know you think I am a big fan of Pc’s but I use several Mac’s and they are really fine.

I think a lot of user buy Macs because it is really fashionable nowdays.  And worst part of this, a lot of Mac users do not able to user their machines!

It would have been better for them to buy a PC!

But I would like to hear your opinion also, so please comment! :)

Here is a good video about the topic also:

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